Ileana D’ Cruz reveals ugly truth about Bollywood

Bollywood sensation Ileana D’ Cruz is the kind of person who believes in everything she does or feel like doing. This time around, the actress has come out strongly against how one has to give-in to the favours in the industry, just to get hands on a film.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed, “It is funny to put this into words. I do not consider myself attractive so when I have people come up to me… When I have actors flirting with me in acting, in my head, I am thinking, ‘If I flirt back, I could definitely land a film with this guy. If I consider going to his house for drinks considering he has invited me, I could definitely get a film with him.’ But I just don’t want to do that. Why do I have to do that? If I am talented enough, why can’t I just get a film? I had a breakdown when I was filming in London for Mubarakan this time because of this. I lost a film, and I felt, if I have to be someone’s girlfriend to get a film, should I not be in this line of work? Eleven years of acting it has been for me and I still sometimes think, I am not cut out for this”.

For me, ambition is doing a great job at work when I have my producers coming up to me and saying – ‘we love your work’. That is something that matters to me at the end of the day. I mean I could get a PR agency, I could be like everyone else, I can network, I can socialize but it is just not me. I cannot play like that. I did not even have a PR agency until recently. My father once told me, ‘Whatever you do, don’t lose your individuality.’ I remember dad watching Indian Idol and he called me up and he said he was emotional and he said, ‘I loved that you were you’. That means a lot to me. Career, work is great. I love my job but I can’t do all the crap that goes with it”.


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