Imran Abbas, why being so sarcastic?

Pakistani cinema is reviving and our industry seems like producing good movies and good actors. But recently, Imran Abbas came up with the status on facebook which has left us with a question in our minds.

β€œIs there anyone (actor/director/producer/writer/line producer/boom operator/spotboy/chaaye wala/home delivery boy/gate keeper/dhobi/cook) who is not doing films. Lagta hai shadeed revival ho gaya hai cinema ka. Aur sath mein ye bhi sunnay mein aata hai “na baba…ab hum tv nahi kersaktay” aur Aksar ye wo log keh rahay hotay hain jo waqayi tv tuk nahi ker saktay aur phir bhi films ker rahay hain.. God bless our new film industry.”

Just wondering, is no one paying attention to him or he’s not accepting any roles in Pakistan but being all sarcastic about the people. Whatsoever! we wish Imran Abbas good luck for his future after this πŸ˜‰


Adnan Faisal

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