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Imran Ashraf spills the beans on Zara Tareen’s controversy

Imran Ashraf is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of all times. He rose to immense fame with his character as a mentally challenged man “Bhola.” his outstanding performance definitely won our hearts. Imran is not just a talented actor but an amazing writer as well.

His play ‘”Mushk” was very well received by many where as some found it a little difficult to understand. Imran’s writing has a depth to its more philosophical than regular storylines. The drama did quite well with stars like Urwa, Imran himself and Zara Tareen.

Zara Tareen left the show all of a sudden and fans were not happy about it.  Some thought it was due to Covid which was the reason officially stated. But well we are smart and smelled something fishy. It was rumored that Zara was very arrogant and threw numerous tantrums on the set. Whereas Imran Ashraf cleared the air and said, that he will be more than happy to write for her and is willing to cast her in his next project.

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