Imran Khan and Reham Part their ways away

                     THE MOST TALKED ABOUT COUPLE OF THE YEAR BREAKS APART !                                           Imran-and-Reham1



By: Mehreen Ahsaan              


Mr Khan is adored by millions across the cricket obsessed nation for winning Pakistan its only World Cup in 1992, Khan’s sporting prowess and rugged good looks also brought him international celebrity in a country lacking glamour. He was considered his country’s most eligible man until he suddenly announced his plans to marry.

Reham Khan, host of a local TV talk show, was widely criticised after she appeared at public meetings of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) party, with opponents accusing her of seeking to boost her own profile through her husband’s fame. She also sparked controversy after it emerged that she had not actually attended a college where she claimed to be a student on her website. There had been reports Imran Khan’s family was unhappy with his choice of bride.

The disclosure was initially met with disbelief and suggestions that it may have been pre-election mischief. But the statement was quickly confirmed by Reham Khan in a statement on the social media site twitter. “We have decided to part ways and file for divorce,” she said.

It was unclear today whether the couple had agreed their separation some time before Reham travelled to Britain to appear at a PTI conference in Birmingham. There were also questions over why the party confirmed the divorce on the eve of the crucial local bodies election – a development which could affect the party’s showing in the polls. Imran Khan prefers to keep his personal issues private and doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it .



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