Include Carrot Juice in your everyday diet this winter!

As the winter season approaches and Karachiites start feeling the cold which is not so normal for them, health experts put forward the idea of consuming carrot juice in their everyday use.

Eating carrot improves the eyesight because it is full of vitamin A, which results in a better eyesight for the one who consumes it. This red-coloured bright vegetable can be included in various ways in your food, from salads and curries to just grabbing one out of your fridge and munching on it.

This winter, you should quit unhealthy drinks as well as beverages and strive for countless benefits by including carrot juice in your diet. Carrot juice is a common drink that is used in winters as it is full of various benefits and necessary food ingredients. You can add other vegetables and fruits to enhance their overall value too.  Carrot juice is loaded with vitamin A and high in vitamins C and K. It also contains plant compounds called carotenoids, which act as antioxidants in your body.

Benefits of carrot juice

  • It improves health of the eyes
  • Improves skin health
  • May boost heart health
  • Can help in losing weight



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