Indian anchor slams cleric for shaming women on what they want to wear

Indian news anchor slams cleric for shaming women on what they wear

Within a month or so, we have seen many cases where women especially celebrities have been mocked and trolled for what they wear. Be it Priyanka Chopra or Fatima Sana, people left no stone un-turned to shame them as much as they can. Indian Anchor Faye D’Souza was slammed by a cleric on Indian TV chat show The Urban Debate on Mirror Now, when she started the same topic.

The cleric Maulana Yasoob Abbas said to D’Souza,

“Underwear pehanke [aap debate mein] aiye. Mard aur aurat barabar hojayege na.” 

This comment made by the so-called cleric was definitely below the line and this is where D’Souza came up with an answer to slam all those people are criticizing women for wearing their own choice of clothes:

“Aap jese mainay bohot dekhay hai. I’m not afraid of you or threatened by you or rattled by you. Because you threatened me with something so cheap, you tried to rattle when I’m doing my job… all you men think that if you rattle [Fatima Sana] when she’s doing her job, when you rattle Sania Mirza when she’s doing her job, if you rattle all women when they’re doing their jobs, they will run back into their kitchens, cover themselves up, and leave the world again for you to conquer. I have news for you, we are not going anywhere.”

D’Souza’s argument was appreciated by many viewers, but some came forward with the rightful point out that clerics like Maulana Abbas shouldn’t be given a platform at all. Because, many people might agree with what he has to say, but an entire Muslim community does not stand with his stance.


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