Indian stars express unhappiness over PEMRA ban



PEMRA, in the wake of supposedly uncultured and unethical content portrayed in the Indian TV serials have banned them in Pakistan. PEMRA and Chairman PEMRA Absar Alam have concluded the Indian TV serials as “sensitive in nature”. The news came out as a good news for the firm opposition of such shows, while, some were left completely flustered and angry by the decision.

However, all the shows haven’t been banned. PEMRA has enforced a specific airtime on the shows. Those channels which will air the additional content will face a strict legal action. The chairman stated: “Pakistani TV channels can air Indian content with less than 6% of total air time, starting October 15, 2016.”

The most affected by the decision obviously are the Indian TV stars. Various Indian stars have expressed their anger or frustration over the issues hinting that it may have severe consequences on the cross-border cultural exchange.  Some of the actors took to social media or popular Newspapers to speak their heart.

Hiten Tejwani, of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame said that a ban on Indian TV shows is unfathomable. He further stated: “The Pakistani government should allow more Indian shows to be aired. Why should all channels, actors and fans suffer because of this blanket order? People should understand that entertainment shouldn’t be targeted.”

On the other hand, Divyanaka Tripathi, the popular TV actress said: “This decision will definitely affect the cultural exchange between the two countries. I have grown fond of Pakistan due to the love I have got from my fans there. We connected over my show. Does the [Pakistani] government want to cut off the mutual ties that exist now?”

Iqbal Khan is quite optimistic about the Pakistani fan following and stated: “Nothing can stop entertainment. People who love Indian shows will find a way to watch them, be it online or through pirated means.”

Well, it remains to be seen if Pakistani audience is enraged by the fact or not. However, after some Indian TV shows proudly showing explicit content and immoral story line, we had this decision coming. Do you agree or not?


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