BM: Tell us about your educational and professional background?
SZ: I have done my schooling from Karachi. Went to Scotland for higher education and completed my Bachelors from there. I completed my masters in marketing from LA, USA.

BM: How would you summarize your successful journey in a few words?
SZ: Success to me is a result of a combination of knowledge, hard work and destiny. If one link is missing, than the success can be delayed or denied.

BM: Give us a brief overview of Flitz?
SZ: Flitz was launched in 2007 and has been operating under the supervision of gifted and dynamic professionals since.
With the aid of incomparable capabilities of experts, the group has acquired the experience and expertise in the field of designer Lawn, prêt wear and fashion footwear.
With consistent hard work and in pursuit of excellence, Flitz is recognized as one of the top brands in Women fashion fabric in Pakistan.

BM: How has your experience been working with Nadia Hussain, how successful are her Signature Lawn collections?
SZ: I have worked with a lot of celebrities in the past years, but the journey started with Nadia Hussain. She is a wonderful human being, very pleasing personality and has an extremely professional approach towards her work. Nadia works extremely hard in whatever she does and so always does wonders.

BM: Tell us a bit about the “SHEEN LAWN”?
SZ: SHEEN happened last year. We have been doing a lot of celebrity endorsed Lawns; so I wanted to create a brand that would have its own identity. I also wanted a name which was easy to remember both by the classes and the masses. Since it was a beginning for a new brand, we had discussed ideas like “Shuruaat” (beginning) and “Shanakht” (identity), and that’s where SHEEN came into being from.
BM: You have been associated with a number of Lawn Brands how would differentiate your latest Lawn collection, “Ayesha Somaya” from the others?
SZ: This is the fourth year that Flitz has launched Ayesha Somaya Lawn.  Ayesha Somaya Lawn is designed by the designer duo of Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan.
This year’s collection is inspired by the rich heritage of Pakistan with its vibrant hues and motifs. The prints are very bright in color and have larger borders than usual to accentuate the pants and create a very sleek, structured and clean look for the summer.

BM: What is your basic target market?
SZ: We want to cater to masses all across Pakistan. Every woman deserves to look beautiful and we help her just that little bit to achieve that pleasant presence.

BM: What are your future plans towards expanding your business?
SZ: We are planning to go into retail very soon. We feel that Pakistan has a great potential of retail and the buying power is immense.

BM: You work with construction as well as fashion apparel, which field do you like better?
SZ: They are two absolutely different fields but I still feel that both the businesses require finesse, great design ethics and the love and joy of playing with colors. Both the fields involve optics; the finished product has to look pleasing and appealing to the eye.

BM: Enlighten us a little about your new offers?
SZ: Since we are in a field where a lot is planned according to seasons, we do come up with various offers and promotions to facilitate our clients. We do have an online store where these promotions are offered.


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