Make Momina An Inspiration, Not A Twitter Trend


Poking nose in someone else’s business is something we, as a nation love. Despite the fact how that person would react, we give out our verdict and make sure it gets viral. Considering someone important makes sense but, giving someone unnecessary importance creates awkward situations.

Make Momina An Inspiration, Not A Twitter Trend

Since the past few months, the most trending person on Twitter from Pakistan is Momina Mustehsan – The girl with an angelic face and nightingale voice. She has been trending on Twitter, on and off since she has stepped into the limelight. She took over the internet with her song Afreen Afreen from Coke Studio Season 9 few weeks ago.


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But again she was being trended because people thought she is in a relationship with Daniyal Zafar, how thoughtful of people right? So, she had to come up with a justification for that issue. Has anyone thought how weird it would have been for her?

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Yet again, this Sunday was quite an eventful day on Social Media because Momina Mustehsan was trending again. And this time, news of her being engaged to Ali Naqvi spread like inferno. Engaged or not engaged, it is totally out of context here but if it is true, I wish her all the best for her future and may God always be with her. But if this is some sort of troll,then, ladies and gentlemen, you are the reason for dragging things to this situation.

Just when people are going gaga over her engagement, I would like to talk about how inspirational she actually is. Has anyone ever trended her on Twitter for who she is, or what she has achieved in her life?  How many of you know that she has bagged Double majors in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Maths and Double minors in Mechanical Engineering and Business. She has built several medical devices, for which she has patent pending. There is so much more about Momina than just being a beautiful, talented and a well-known celebrity.

Make Momina An Inspiration, Not A Twitter Trend

I remember she once said to me that, “People think I am perfect, I am not and I don’t want to be perfect.” These words have inspired me enough to take life on another level and I would suggest everyone to give her a positive Twitter Trend instead of these utter crazy trends.


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