Intellectual Theft? For Real… LOL!


No offence, but every dog has its day. Success come and go but accusing someone to get some lime-light doesn’t look salubrious at all.

On Tuesday, Veteran Lollywood director Syed Noor accused Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy of copying his idea and name to make the movie which brought her a second Oscar within two years.

The famous director claimed that Chinoy not only stole the idea but also the name and script from a film he made about two years ago which was named “Price of Honour”, released in 2011. Syed Noor said that he will not legally pursue the matter but he is disappointed that he was not given due credits.


Noor Shahab, you cannot restrict any individual’s thought process, maybe she has never seen Price of Honour anyway, otherwise you have been credited well. But calling it an intellectual theft is insane, if such thing exists then I should accuse a-lot of people for stealing my ideas.




Related to the matter, Lollywood actor Moammar Rana also criticised Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for ‘bringing bad name to Pakistan’ through her movie and dared her to make a movie on the affectees of drone strikes on Pak-Afghan border region.

Just wondering how many Oscars or international awards have you brought to Pakistan Mr. Rana? Oh, and about the dare you gave her, I can bet she will bring the third Oscar back very soon.


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