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Nazneen Tariq chain aaye na

From Class Apart Jewelry designer to Acting In Movies

Nazneen Tariq Khan is a renowned name in fashion. Her jewelry is quite famous and is endorsed by almost every other celebrity. Being a very down to earth person, she is better known as Nazneen Apa and is loved by everyone. Apart from designing, she does baking too; and now she’s trying something new. Yes, a movie!


FHM Pakistan had an exclusive discussion with Nazneen Tariq regarding her debut, check it out:

From jewelry designing to films, how did this transition happen? 

Well to be honest, I never planned but, it just happened by chance and as my friend Yasmine Ismail (God give her the best place in Jannat) used to say “you are a born actress”. I was seen by Syed Noor Sahab (Shahji), and he no doubt takes out the best talent from newcomers.

Why did you say yes to the film?

One would be a fool to say NO to a director like Syed Noor, who just met me after a very long time in his event at Avari for the movie Chaen Ayeh Na. When he said “I have chosen you for my movie,” it was like a dream come true and I accepted it immediately.


Tell us about your character? 

My character in the movie is of Adil Murad’s mom and Mustafa Qureshi’s wife. For more info, you will have to wait and see the movie.

Describe Syed Noor as a director?

For me he is like an institution of talent, he knows how to do his work up to the hilt. He makes the actors of his movies a part of the character they are portraying. I personally had a great experience working with him and learnt a lot, he makes the whole atmosphere like it’s a big happy family and I never felt out of place. If given a chance to work again with him I would never say No. We are very lucky to have such a talented director, writer etc in our country.


What are your expectations from the movie? 

InshaaAllah it will be a super hit, as I have seen the hard work put in it. I myself wish Syed Noor and this movie the very best, the rest is up to Allah and the public.


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