Is Ranbir Kapoor getting married?

ranbir kapoor married

Ranbir Kapoor is making headlines since quite a while now, for his amazing transformation for Dutt biopic and his immense hard work for the movie. Apart from making the news for his look, he seems to be making headlines for his love life again.

According to some sources, a rumor has been doing the rounds that Ranbir might be planning on getting married.

According to a report, Ranbir and his mother Neetu Kapoor apparently made a sudden trip to London to meet a well-known family in the city and are perhaps in talks for the marriage. A source told them:

The London visit could very well be for a meet and greet with a well-known family in London for the actor’s marriage. Though nothing is confirmed as of now, but time will tell…

Well isn’t it surprising to know that Ranbir will opt out for an arranged marriage? Doesn’t seem to be happening. No?


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