Issues: How is Chupke Chupke problematic?

The new drama serial, Chupke Chupke,starring the most gorgeous and elegant Ayeza Khan and ever so confident Osman Khalid Butt, has been the talk of town. Airing on HUM Tv, this Ramadan Special has hit million views on each episode on YouTube. The storyline is engaging yet full of humour and fans are loving it! The show is based on two typical families, having issues of their like every household, cousin marriages, everyday quarrels and what not. This production stars phenomenal actors like Asma Abbas, Uzma Beyg, Ali Safina, Mira Sethi, Arsalan Naseer and Ayman Saleem.

However, as the show progressed there are certain issues which the fans noticed and thought are quite controversial and something they should shed light on.

Firstly, the son in law in this drama serial, Ali Safina, who has been living with their in laws is treated with disrespect and insult in every episode. He is not given the respect generally a son in law is expected to have, in the society. What the show is highlighting in a positive aspect that the son in law staying with their in laws is totally okay, well what is not acceptable is the the fact that he is criticised for taking every move and nobody cares about his opinions. This is wrong on so many levels. Its all fun and games when it comes to comedy but damaging someones self esteem is not acceptable. Furthermore, the role of the son in law is also depicted in such a way that he in full control of his wife, he isn’t able to answer her back and she shuts her down every time he talks.


Secondly, the most common issue a couple face in a design household is the extra and unnecessary involvement of sisters in their married brothers life. Well so is the case in this drama, Osman Khalid Butt’s three sisters, were too nosy and interested in their brothers life, they would not give them the space they need, even if married. The drama showed a real aspect as this also happens in real life where the sisters regardless of everything always criticise their sister in law causing problems between the couple and the family eventually. Privacy and time of their own is very essential for a newly married couple in a joint family.

The show also highlights the concept of cousin marriages, these kind of marriages are not forbidden of course, but the show portrayed the relationship of Meenu (Ayeza Khan) and Faazi ( Osman Khalid Butt) as brothers and sisters and teacher student too, but it later evolved into husband and wife. I mean its a bit hard to process right? From being sibling relationship to an actual relationship, this is problematic at so many levels.


Furhermore, this show also focus on the fact that a guy is not able to take a stand for his wife, Faazi, has no say infront of his sisters, he is guided and told what to do and not give the respect the wife deserves or needs. It was also seen in one of the episodes that Meenu’s brother told her to have patience as everything gets okay with time, but what is not right here is that why newly wedded women are offered lessons on patience instead of someone actually doing something about it.

Well, the drama is produced brilliantly, the execution, characters role-play but in my opinion these are some of the few issues that this drama focused on, let us know what do you think about it?



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