Jimmy Kimmel to host 2018 Oscars?

Jimmy Kimmel to host 2018 Oscars?

Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC will return to helm the 2018 Oscars Awards.

This will be Kimmel’s second consecutive year hosting the Oscars, which will see him reunite with producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd.

“Hosting the Oscars was a highlight of my career and I am grateful to Cheryl [Boone Isaacs], Dawn [Hudson] and the Academy for asking me to return to work with two of my favorite people, Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd,” said Kimmel. “If you think we screwed up the ending this year, wait until you see what we have planned for the 90th anniversary show!”

Kimmel also took to Twitter to announce the news



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