This is why Sarkar 3 turns out to be a huge disappointment!

Sarkar 3 – Boring yet a huge disappointment!

Ram Gopal Varma’s much awaited flick Sarkar 3; the third installment of the Sarkar franchise, starring Amitabh Bachchan hit the cinema screens last Friday.

Since its release, the audience had much higher expectations from the film, but unfortunately, Sarkar 3 is resulted in nothing but a huge disappointment.

The film seemed to be a below average, where it lacks quite a few factors on multiple fronts. Half of the story of the film seemed pretty fake and made-up. It was like as if the writers were confused while they were writing the script.

On the other hand, Sarkar 3 looked exactly like its previous two installments. The filming and cinematography style is similar to what we saw in Sarkar Raj. If we talk about the dialogues of the film, it seemed really weak, likewise, the same thing has been said about its soundtrack.

However, when it comes to Ram Gopal Varma’s films, people consider him a pure genius; who delivers a complete package of humor and entertainment. But sadly over a period of time, his movies seem to be losing the grip and the audience has little or no interest to watch his films anymore.

Ram Gopal Varma needs to understand that besides hiring a good cast, it is equally important to create and develop a solid script.


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