Why drink water right after you wake up?

Why drink water right after you wake up?

Water heals everything. Water keep you hydrated and it’s an essential liquid for all of your organs’ function.

While drinking water throughout the day is very good for you, experts recommend drinking at least one glass in the morning on an empty stomach.

Apart from the benefits of drinking water at any time of the day, let’s bring our attention to the amazing benefits it will have on our body.


Instead of a regular tea or coffee in the morning, try drinking a glass full of water. Tea and coffee further dehydrate the cells while water helps our cells re hydrate.

Drinking Water in the Morning Removes Toxins

Cleaning the body and getting rid of the toxins will help you feel fresh, will give you clear skin and helps the body absorb more nutrients.

Helps Boost Metabolism

Water increases the rate of metabolism in the body thus making our bodily functions work faster and help reduce fat.

 Drinking Water Increases Brain Power

Drinking water in the morning will help the mind work at its full capacity and stay sharp during the day.


Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy, fareehaimdad9@gmail.com

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