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Jonah Hill in talks to play villain in Batman opposite Robert Pattinson.

Its a new era for batman, with that we will see so many new faces of our favorite comic character.

After Robert Pattinson being cast as the next Batman, search for the perfect villain is in rounds. And according to many sources Jonah Hill is in talk to play the next villain in the DC’s Batman.

He is negotiating to play the Riddler, while reporter claimed that the specific role hasn’t been decided, and the Penguin has also been discussed. Either way, Hill seems to be on his way to joining the new trilogy as a well-known member of Batman’s rogue gallery.

If you’re feeling a little creepy about the casting news, remember that the two-time Oscar nominee has successfully gone from comedy sidekick to acting chameleon with major roles opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, and Brad Pitt.

No-doubt he is a great actor and will bring his version on the table. To be honest we are quite hiked up for the movie. As both actor are immensely talented and have an amazing career.

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