Karachi is a very diverse city and this is our list of top most favorite restaurants. Be it dhabbas to high end restaurants one should at least try them once.


  1. Meerath Kebab house. You won’t stop licking your fingers after you have had their Bihari tikkay and malai boti’s
  2. Frontier at boat basin offers Karhai so well cooked and flavorful that you won’t stop hanging out there on a boy’s night
  3. Shinwari belt is a safe option for barbecue if you’re in the area
  4. Naseeb Biryani and Pakwan Centre’s chicken biryani beats everyone in Karachi I promise. Please ask for extra aloo
  5. Allahwala’s Biryani center serves the best beef biryani and you’d definitely keep ordering it
  6. Make sure to go to Red Apple, Mirchili and Roll in and have their famous chicken chutney rolls and Gol Gappay
  7. Go to Dhoraji and don’t forget their Gola Ganda’s
  8. For bun kebab head to Café Lazeez
  9. If you are in a mood to take your family out for Desi food head to Barbecue tonight and Kolachi
  10. Ala Rahi is yet another most visited spot. It serves Turkish, Lebanese and Afghani food all under one roof.
  11. Karachi Haleem has left all Haleem spots behind. You should only opt for it and forget other Haleem spots
  12. Go to Rashid Seafood and order their Prawn Karahi and Grilled fish. For a much better experience you can also go to Kemari and watch it prepared live with scrumptious masala bursting flavor
  13. You will love Chapli kebab house at boat basin and burns road and come with a full belly
  14. Karachi broast and Jans broast is too good for chicken pieces
  15. For Nihari everyone goes to Javed nihari and Zahid nihari. It is everyone’s favorite
  16. Wang wang opened its doors recently and has never vacant. It’s hot pot on a roof, everyone is going there and you can order it at your home too and enjoy that experience with your family and friends
  17. Bambou, Our most favorite Chinese place. Do try their crispy chicken in honey red sauce and Mongolian crispy beef. It is like no other!
  18. For nashta Baithak at boat basin, Tooso and Alamgir’s parathey are absolutely mind blowing. You can also get it from Dilpasand and Sohny sweets
  19. On Sunday’s people run to Hanifia and get their hunter beef. They enjoy it with cold soda’s
  20. Gaffar kebab house and Jehangir meerath are two staples too. Karachi’s food guide is incomplete without them
  21. Bombay Chaat house can’t be missed at all
  22. Head to Cocochan and enjoy all the scrumptious Chinese food you can get your hands on. You will not regret this decision. If you have friends or family visiting, take them there
  23. Chop Chop Wok offers comfort food like no other. Next time you plan Netflix and chill or lazy dinner night you know where to head
  24. Xander’s is a must at least twice a month. Everything on their menu is super tasty
  25. Flo is a cute place with delicious food if you want to go for a date night, birthdays or formal dinners
  26. Orka’s test kitchen has variety of things to offer. Their rocky road, shaved beef sandwich and brownies are to die for!
  27. Famous Os makes flavorsome pizzas. So, does Eatalia pizza
  28. Just like Nandos, Rowtesserie is a great option
  29. For Donuts always go to O donut and Easy
  30. Try Crave bar if you haven’t and do order their stecco’s
  31. Chaiwala’s Nutella paratha with chai
  32. Waffle cart’s Ferrero Nutella waffles and
  33. Auntie Munavar’s Three milk cake is just perfection
  34. For fresh juices head to Green O and Agha juice
  35. Sweet greens offer’s healthy options



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