This is what makes Emraan Hashmi a Real hero!


The unconventional actor who got famous in the industry by his dedication and hard work, and has achieved the level of stardom which every other men would die for. When it comes to erotic films, Emraan Hashmi is the one name that comes into our mind instantly and who is also famous as a serial kisser.

Emraan Hashmi has been labelled as a womanizer or a serial kisser but the reality is just the opposite. On screen he might be famous for that, but in real life he is a ‘one woman man’. He fell in love with a beautiful girl, “Parveen Shahani” when he was a teenager and now he proudly addresses her as a wife. In many interviews, he revealed that his wife never liked him kissing other girls, and for her the serial kisser was then willing to give up on his USP (the kissing) just to keep his real life lady love happy. How sweet is that!





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