Celebrities Who Battled Depression


Depression is a serious illness that can happen to anyone, even people who seem to have it all. Being famous doesn’t mean you are immune to pain including depression, bipolar disorder.

  • Princess Diana


Diana suffered from postpartum depression as well as eating disorder.  She received a little emotional support from his new family after her marriage fell apart. Her unhappiness worsened after marriage.

  • Owen Wilson


He is known as a laid back, fun loving guy but the world saw his darker side on 2007, when he attempted to suicide.

  • Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga seems the very definition of Courage and power but that image belies a lifelong struggle of depression.

  • Taylor Swiftt


This bold blond can fool anyone but even she has admitted to having battled with anxiety.

  •  Ellen DeGeneres


    Ellen reportedly experienced a deep depression after her show on ABC got canceled in 1998.

  • Deepika Padukone


    Deepika herself came forward and revealed to the world that she was suffering from depression and anxiety. She was brave enough to accept the reality and eventually resorted to counselling and medication.

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