PC Celebrated Her Birthday With Work Mode ON!


First she does not look 34 from any angle, second she sets an amazing example for being a workaholic. PC has always been talk of the town, with all the appreciation and awards this year she celebrated her birthday in style, and by style I mean, she was working 16 hours straight on her 34th birthday shooting for Quantico. This was certainly not an ideal birth-day but she celebrated it in style and ended the with a crazy birthday bash.

Birthday party was thrown by the Quantico producer, Joshua Safran where there was cake, friends,  music and almost everything. Even though she was dressed-up simple but rocked the party as ever!


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sub-buzz-15689-1468917443-1 Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.41.30 PM

Now, thats what we call an amazing birthday. This is simply what one needs to end his/her day like! 😉


FHM Pakistan

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