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Karachi Reclaimed Like Never Before, Thank You CKO Event Architectures!

Independence means freedom and ownership. Hence, I would like to congratulate Karachites for brining back the sense of freedom and successfully reclaiming the beautiful Karachi city back, despite of all the massive traffic jams and security threats. Cultural heritage plays a vital role and they need to be owned in some way or the other. This was the coolest way of showing, how to own the city like a boss. CKO Event Architectures did a commendable job in choosing Edulgee Dinshaw Road which happened to be 1KM away from Lyari, to gather everyone for an amazing evening.

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As per the schedule, the band marched from entrance till stage ending it up with national anthem. Hosted by none other than Ahmed Godil, the show kicked off with an amazing rock performance by Chronicles Of Khan who flew down from Dubai for the love for their country. Kaya Band payed quite a nice tribute to Ali Azmat which was quite a treat. Mai Dhai stole the show with her simplicity and amazing voice. Zoe Vicajji and Fuzon played the perfect fusion of their genres. The final and much awaited performance by Atif Aslam was a perfect treat to the ears as he casted the magic of his exceptional voice.



            CHRONICLES OF KHAN                                       KAYA BAND



                     MAI DHAI                                                  ZOE VICAJJI



                         FUZON                                                ATIF ASLAM

Only one word WOW can actually define the whole experience of Azaadi Rock Music Festival. Certain things that really needs to be highlighted is, Faysal Bank who proved to be quite supportive in the process of reclaiming the city, the “one man army”, Ali Chaudhry of Latitude CRS for executing such an outstanding PR of an event single handedly and CKO Events for doing what they do the best. Thank you so much for putting up an extra ordinary show.

13923356_157414701359788_719169808105533217_oIMG_0490After witnessing this night I am sure, the fear of being threatened by terrorism and law & order situation would be controlled. I hope it becomes a passion to live for the country to make it a better place for our upcoming generation. Let’s us all unite to make this place one of its kind, until then Pakistan Zindabad!

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