Karan Johar turns fashionista on Instagram

Karan Johar has been seen rocking the streets of Davos, Switzerland, as he has reached there for the World Economic Forum. The filmmaker is flooding his social networking site with pictures in his designer gear. He writes, “Some habits die hard (sic).”

Karan is known to travel with large amounts of baggage as he prefers to have at least three options for every outing. He had revealed on Neha Dhupia’s podcast that he changes three underwears a day as he does not like to be in one all the time. So you can well imagine what one bag contains!

Talking about his huge baggage, Karan Johar said: “there is casual day-to-day wear, there are undergarments, I can carry a lot of underwear. Because I don’t have time to send them always to the laundry, so I just wear fresh. And I like to change 3 underwears a day because the problem is that I don’t like to be in one underwear all the time because it just makes me feel like my inners are suffering and I need to like always reinvent my inners. So there are a lot of underwears, there a lot of socks, a lot of shoes. And that’s why there was so much required and that’s why those 10 suitcases. So please don’t make any kind of judgment on them, because you must understand and its better than emotional baggage, you actually carry baggage.”


FHM Pakistan

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