Who did Kareena Kapoor pay 51000 to keep baby Taimoor away from bad luck?

We all have heard about the famous Pataudi kid in the Bollywood industry, Taimoor khan Pataudi. He made headline while he was born and shockingly, even when he was conceived. His name, his birth and his pictures always went viral whenever they were circulated on the social media. I am sure most of them have been through your sight too. This time it’s not about the pictures but the money that has been spent for his well being.

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Everyone knows how bad sight catches your happiness and can be deadly for an individual and same was the contemplation of parents, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. They wanted the most excellent for their kid which is why they did what they discovered the best way to keep baby Taimoor away from bad luck. Kareena Kapoor and Saif ali khan took their only kid to the transgender community to make them give their blessings to Taimoor Khan Pataudi to which the reward they were gifted with was 51000rs. Now that’s a good amount of money!!

As a fan of babies myself, I wish them a very best of luck with keeping their baby away from bad sight! Cheers.


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