Why is Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma giving a cold shoulder to Deepika Padokone?

As we all know about the hot affair between Deepika Padokone and Ranbir Kapoor. It was about the long relationship between two gorgeous people, which ended up in a rave. I am sure you still remember about the tattoo that Deepika Padokone flaunts on her neck but the question is, was Katrina Kaif okay with it? It was reported, Deepika walked out of an Anand L Rai film because Katrina Kaif was staring in it. When asked, Katrina Kaif stated “it is good to work under less stressed environment”.

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You know how they say that two women cannot be friends after they date the same person; Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padokone have proved that right. They try their level best to avoid each other as much as possible. Even after amending things from both the women, Ranbir kapoor was smart enough to keep this image clean and sport a friendly attitude leaving tension between the two divas.

In the famous talk show, KOFFEE WITH KARAN, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif made fun of Deepika Padokone showing no signs of amendments. Anushka Sharma display a friendly relationship with Katrina Kaif based on Deepika Padokone as she is currently dating Anusha’s ex, Ranbir Singh. Although, the decision lies between the individual party but I hope they unravel the fight and come collectively on screen with togetherness cause who wouldn’t want to watch the glamour they will sizzle on silver screen.


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