Kelly Donnelly empowers women by ‘unblocking’ boundaries of technology

Kelly Donnelly claims she’s beaten the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce to release the world’s first “unblockable” music video. Kelly Donnelly is on a mission; to motivate and engage ladies comprehensively and in doing as such she’s pushing innovative limits to guarantee her music is heard far and wide.

The pop singer claims her single I Am She is the first “unblockable” music video in the world, meaning women living in censored regions like Iran and Saudi Arabia have access to it.

“I Am She is about me, but it’s not just about me, this whole project, mission that I’m trying to do is to be relatable to all women, to everyday women, to the everyday mother,” she said.

“So that’s so amazing that since this started and the single came out that so many women have contacted me from Afghanistan, Mexico, and Africa, saying I Am She… it feels like a collective, instead of it just being about me.”


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