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Khaadi Playing With It’s Customer Loyalty



It’s all over social media! The negative campaign is catching great hype against one of Pakistan’s most lethal brands. Apparently, Khaadi has just been caught playing around with its own customers. One can only ask whether this hype is a stunt against the brand or did this actually happen.

Khaadi is known for its on and off sale, however, this time around the sale seemed to get on to the owner in the most negative way one could have thought of. Having a sale, but on the other hand being caught with actually sticking a higher price than the actual! Was it a sale or a double profit making game that Khaadi thought to play with its customers?

Looks to me as though Khaadi is too stressed out or just gone nuts trying to play out such a stunt, with the hype an individual can make now that social media is found so active. The team of FHM Pakistan is in correspondence with the concerned department of Khaadi regarding the said incident and will get back to stating the actual reason behind this shocking image that’s going viral on social media.

Stay updated!

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