Korean skin hacks everyone must know


The obsession is real with the Koreans. We all should agree that Korean dramas are a major hit all around the globe. Considering the fact, can we not stop drooling over their skin? What’s the actual reason behind it? What are the products they have been using to make it glow? Let’s find some hacks that they follow religiously for their skin.

  • Steaming in the shower

Take advantage of the steamy shower as it helps lose all the dirt from the pores and makes your skin feel relaxed and glowy. Use your fingertips gently to exfoliate the skin as it encourages blood flow, taking away waste products from your skin and giving you that youthful glow. Use an oil cleanser to provide a frictionless massage and to help with hydration.

  • Coldwater compressed

Coldwater compression is something people are barely aware of. Korean uses this hack like anything as it helps to close the pores and make your skin looks more defined.

  • Eat lots of Protein

Koreans are huge fans of protein when it comes to their food diet. Seafood is the staple cuisine in Korea, which is actually really beneficial for the skin. They are crazy about the diet they take.

  • Avoid spices

As we are all aware that spice is literally not good for your health. So why not we also avoid the intake of spicy food as it’s also harmful to our health and of course skin as well.  Many Korean recipes are full of spices but they know how to cleanse them off from their bodies by taking extra drinks.

  • Barley Tea

If you’ve even gone to a Korean restaurant and been served a nutty-flavored tea, it is likely to have been barley tea. The barley is barely roasted and then served. It’s supposedly given to babies in an effort to help their skin and overall wellness.

The science behind it is that it’s rich in antioxidants, and can improve blood circulation.


Aaysha Peerzada

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