Let’s have a date this Ramadan?


The advantages of dates include help from stoppage, intestinal disarranges, heart issues, weakness, sexual brokenness, diarrhea, stomach disease, cancer and numerous different conditions. Dates are useful for putting on weight moreover. Dates are rich in a few vitamins, minerals and fiber as well. These delectable organic products contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are all beneficial for wellbeing. Some masters have said that eating one date for each day is vital for an adjusted and sound eating regimen.

As per a cutting edge overview, it is presently acknowledged that dates are valuable in avoiding stomach tumor. Numerous Muslims break their quick by eating dates and water as indicated by their social customs. Breaking quick by eating dates abstains from indulging of nourishment after the quick is done. At the point when the body starts to assimilate the high nutritious estimation of the dates, sentiments of yearning are appeased. Additionally, the sensory system can get a considerable measure of assistance from devouring dates, since they have such huge measures of potassium.

Dates are one of the absolute best sweet and adaptable sustenance that can control the digestive procedure. It can altogether help vitality levels in individuals inside thirty minutes of expending it. Below are mentioned the edible that are equivalent to one date.


  1. Kiwifruit:



2. Strawberry:



3. Orange:



4. Guava:



5. Watermelon:

6. Mango:





Even our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: ” If you have a date, break your fast with it, if you dont have it, break the fast with water as it is purifying.” (Abu Dawood) – Happy Fasting! 🙂

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