Is a world without Racism possible? Let’s end it together!

Is a world without Racism possible? Let's end it together!

BY: Zille Saboor

Racism is an infectious disease; once it establishes in human mind, then even a major surgery fails to remove it. No body is born a racist, we are the creators of racism in our own generation.

Just recently, I read an advertisement in a newspaper stating;

“Looking for a good bride, MBA qualification, minimum height 5 ft 8 inch and fair complexion.”

In my opinion, he was not searching for a wife or a life partner, all he wants is a model. The most offensive thing is that when people get a proposal; firstly they try to know about sect, what language he/she speaks and what caste he/she belongs to. But we are lucky in the context of religion, all sects of Islam believe that our religion do not discriminate on the basis of their roots.

“Heart, soul and dreams matter, not the skin color.”

In Islam, everyone no matter which color, race, ethnicity he or she belongs to are equal. The best example is mosque, where anybody could be in the first row and even lead the prayer. So, why we still reject good girl or a boy just because they don’t belong to our clan.

We have created this mess, but we are the only ones who can undo this evil. Our intentional and unintentional choice of words can smash the confidence of other person, we need to correct ourselves. We need a very strong media campaign where people are encouraged to talk on it openly.

In conclusion; No body is inferior or superior to another on the basis of color, race or creed. The only thing that makes us different is indeed how we think and judge others. Treat people equally with respect and you shall be treated the same way – Stop racism.


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