Life 100 years ago compared to now


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Life 100 years ago VS now

If we compare today’s life to 100 years ago. We have come far now. If we think about the death factor also the life span has increased as there were no proper medications and proper hospitals. The most common diseases that cause death were heart disease, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. People use to live around 53.6 or 54.6 years but now the life span has increased to 78.9 years. You can easily compare how good we have done.


There were no proper means of transport at that time. So, people used to travel on horses for days and months. Which was very tiring as well as unsafe. Because anything bad would happen during traveling and there was no way we would safe ourselves. But now we have changed a lot of things as we have cars, motorcycles and even planes. If we want to travel to far destinations, we have planes in which we can travel easily and we can get to our destinations in a like matter of hours. If we want to travel to short destinations so we can use cars and motorbikes.



At that time there was no proper meaning of entertainment. People just use to spend their precious time with families or they use to have a radio for entertainment purposes. But now we have a lot of ways to keep ourselves entertained. Like we can go to the cinema to watch movies, we have entertainment in our hands (our mobile phones) we can do anything we want on our cellphones plays games, watch movies, watch videos and many more.



Fashion was totally different as compared to today’s world. At that time hats were essential for any clothes but now they are not. The clothes were more attractive and non-revealing but now people love to wear revealing dresses.



Nature was so good as compared to now because there were no cars and bikes so that is the reason there were fewer pollutions and more greenery. People used to take care of nature a lot at that time but now this is the opposite no one takes care of nature they just throw their waste everywhere and use this kind of technology which is really harmful to nature.


People who use to live 100 years ago were very calm and helpful. They love to help each other and spend time with their loved ones. But for now, everything has changed a lot. Now people just don’t sit with their loved ones they just want freedom from everything and don’t want to help anyone. People are very rude to each other no one wants to get bothered.

If we compare today’s life to life 100 years ago so it is totally different. We have been through a lot as a human-like Spanish flu, Asian flu, Ebola epidemic, covid-19 pandemic, and a lot more. Human has also invented some good stuff for mankind which is beneficial and people who lived 100 years ago was not able to have them. We have a lot of knowledge now as compared to 100 years back. These technologies do have some bad effects on human life but as we have gone through a lot we will also make up for these effects.



Junaid Ahmed

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