Living in faith everyday



What is life? 

In simple words, Life is a roller coaster, nothing is guaranteed that what’s going to be happen next.

Similarly, it can be understood that life is a test and a trial. To test our trial, when you are expecting ease from life and life gives you lemon hence you make a lemonade and then do not blame life for that because you are expecting ease from a trial.

Sometimes problem is not too big, we are too small owing the fact that we cannot handle them. However, if you think that your life is hard and you are giving up on that, YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS UNFAIR? THINK AGAIN….

Since when you think that way you are being unfair to your own-self. Some incident are those who change your DNA, Horribly those incident are too strong that they break you physically therefore deform your body but it transform your soul. Those incident BREAK you, DEFORM you but to mold you into the best version of you.

I believe PATIENCE is the key element to all the complication, everything is OKAY but giving up should not be an option, failure is an option seeing that when you fail you get up and then you fail you get up despite that keeps you going then a person get strong.!!



Ibtesam Paracha

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