Lollywood is back on the track!

It’s actually good to see our film industry flourishing once again and making waves in the overall media. No doubt our actors and actresses have worked so hard to achieve that perfection you see on your screen.
Film industry has once again evolved and came up with movies that you all should know about and I am sure you are going to love it little too much.
Here are some upcoming movies Review, Cast and story line:

The movie’s story line will portray themes of love, loss, and patriotism. Other than the leading trio,(syra, humayan and shaheryar) the movie’s supporting cast also appears to be quite promising. Syra said that usually girls in Pakistani movies are seen as weak object but in this movie, she is performing a character of a powerful woman thus the film will display an important role of a woman in a war between right and wrong.


  •  Humayun Saeed.
  • Sheheryar Munawar.
  • Syra Shehroz.
  • Adnan Jaffar.


Nadir Shah


2) JHOL:

Nausheen Shah is all set to make her movie debut alongside Ali Azmat in this movie. The movie will sure be a funny entertainment flick.


  1. Bilal ashraf
  2. Ali azmat
  3. Nayyar Ijaz
  4. Mustafa Qureshi
  5. Babra Shrif
  6. Nausheen Shah
  7. Shakeel hussain
  8. Ali Azmat
  9. Urwa Hocne
  10. Saleem Mairaj


Shahid Shafaat


Shahid Shafaat

3) Teefa In Trouble:

Teefa in Trouble is Ali Zafar’s action and comedy based movie. Ali zafar is all set to look like a true gothic action hero.


Ahsan Rahim


Lightingale Productions


  1. Javed Sheikh
  2. Ali zafar
  3. Fia khan
  4. Faisal Qureshi
  5. Maya Ali
  6. Mahenoor
    4) Rangreza:A film director must save his love from the black magic of a wicked woman who has become blind in love, lust and passion.Cast

    1. Bilal Ashraf
    2. Gohar Raheed
    3. Urwa Hocane
    4. Saleem Mairaj
    5. Akbar Subhani
    6. Seemi Pasha

    5) Mai punjab nae jaongi:
    After watching the teaser it looks like the emotions are all over the place, the lovey dovey couple, Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed’s love takes a turn for the worse as we see an injured Mehwish and a crying Humayun. let’s see whether they can be together this time too or not.


  1. Humayun saeed
  2. Urwa hocane
  3. Mehwish hayat
  4. Iman ali
  5. Samina peerzada.
    we are quite excited to see our actors blooming this well, hope to see the response in accordance to their hardwork they have put in.
    I always ask my friends to promote pakistani cinema no matter what, cause in the end “supporting eachother” matters the most.
    Let’s make it happen! 🙂

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