Love Always Finds Its Way Cause Its In Separable!


The video of performance artists Marina Abramovic and Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay) became quite viral lately because of the strong energy and message it gave out to everyone. The couple who fell in love and collaborated for projects in 1976 parted their ways in 1988. Mariana and Ulay decided to embark on a journey which ended their relationship. Unlike the typical break-up, the two walked from opposite ends of The Great Wall of China to meet in the middle and say good bye. This was more like their last performance which they called, The Great Wall Walk and never saw each other over 20 years until this day,

The hope of reunion and fate brought them back together on 2010 during a live performance by Marina at MoMa. It was quite a phenomenal performance piece where Abramovic let patrons sit silently across a table from for 1-minute each, without expressing any emotion.

The twist in the performance came when Ulay showed up and sat down across the table from her and emotions made it obvious to us all. Though, there wasn’t a verbal interaction, this reunion was one of the most powerful display of love.

This shows and teaches us how love is in separable because its not physical attraction which makes love, love but the mental and spiritual connection with the person you love.



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