Do you love hair color? Keep these things in mind!

Do you color your hair often? Do you enjoy styling and changing them after every few days? There are certain things that you should kept in mind while you color your hair because you may be seriously damaging your hairs.

Read and follow these tips and enjoy flirting with your hair color after every few days!

Choose your hair color carefully:


When choosing hair color, use Ammonia free and PPD free hair colors. Ammonia may cause Allergic dermatitis. This kind of allergy is ever-lasting and may damage your scalp. Also, choose hair color which is only three shades lighter than your original hair. Extra dim color may lead to actual color bleaching.

Do not touch your roots:


Whenever you are coloring, stay away from the roots. The hair colors are filled with chemicals and continuous exposure on the roots may lead to fast graying and dryness of hairs.

Shampoo carefully:


After you have carefully colored your hair, they are sensitive to most of the normal products you use. Do not go for the price. Buy shampoos which are tested and trusted and shouldn’t be sulfate-free. Also, apply conditioner for about three minutes so your hair get the perfect amount of moisture.

Oil your hair:


Oil your hair frequently. It is better if your properly apply mild hot oil on your roots after every two days.


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