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Love vs Fear

“Deep down, at our cores, there are only two emotions: love and fear”ELISABETH KÜBLER-ROSS

Love and Fear are the two emotions holding an umbrella, under which all other emotions come, Either an emotion comes from a place of fear or a place of love. These core emotions underlie every other emotion we have. 

These are the two most triggering emotions, it’s what makes an individual receive a response from someone. You can’t choose love and fear simultaneously, one is always going to take over the other, and even though, many of us would likely rather be in a place of love than a place of fear, we still choose to perform tasks more efficiently when there’s a “fear” factor involved! 

There’s always been an argument or debate over which is a better motivator? Fear Or Love? 

Leaders that are feared are perceived to wield more power by their employees. In contrast, leaders that are loved focus on taking care of their employees, creating a stronger employer-employee bond! Which in today’s day and time has proven to be more successful! 

If you were to be a Leader today, which “motivator” are you more likely to go by?

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