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What made Shoaib Akhtar speak against his own country?

Shoaib Akhtar has cautioned and alarmed the international cricketers that they should not visit Pakistan for any type of cricket, as the country is still facing terrorism. In addition, he referred that Pakistan is ‘unsafe’ for the renewal of international cricket.

According to report, he alerted the authorities against inviting any foreign cricket teams to Pakistan for cricket as the country is not safe for international players.

The former pacer stated:

“Until there is a complete normalcy as far as security situation is concerned we shouldn’t take the risk of inviting any foreign team to Pakistan. The security situation is such that we will have to be patient. I am sure international cricket will return to Pakistan but it will take some time.”

Not to forget that earlier this year, Pakistan lost the chance for hosting the next year’s ICC Champions Trophy and ICC World Cup due to security threats regarding international cricketers and still, there are many international cricketers that have deliberately admitted that they are terrified to play in Pakistan.

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