Madiha Imam and Faysal Quraishi ‘Zakhm’ is worth watching

Written by Sameena Aijaz and directed by Ali Faizan, Zakhm began on a good note, mainly because of the story. It’s not quite unique but has a certain charm that draws you towards it.

Starring Faysal Quraishi in the lead and Madiha Imam who plays the role of his young sister-in-law, Takbeer. Zakhm is a thrilling and emotional show.

The drama revolves around Khawar (Faysal Quraishi) who is married to Tehreen (Sarwat Gillani). Pregnant and madly in love with Khawar, Tehreen is often seen scared, since she doesn’t want to do anything to upset him.

But with her passing away during child birth, we see Khawar in a different persona, crying at the death of his wife.

The drama also focuses on Tehreen’s little sister, Takbeer played brilliantly by Madiha Imam. Takbeer is in love with Musa (Shehzad Noor). After the death of Tehreen the baby begins to hold a special place in Takbeer’s heart. Her fiancé Musa doesn’t mind, as he understands it is important for the baby to have someone as a motherly figure.

Not expecting this, we’re left wondering whether Khawar will consider the idea of marrying Takbeer, since she remains to be madly in love with Musa.

This interesting twist makes Zakhm worth watching!

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