Magnum Party’16 Creates History With Pure Pleasure Of Surrealism


For creative individuals, world is a large canvas. They love to indulge in their surroundings to paint it with their imaginations and perceptions; this is exactly where Surrealism kicks in. The surrealists unlock the power of their imagination and show the sanity or insanity; nurturing in their heads. To create an artistic piece, anything could be an inspiration – A person, a feeling, an object or even food.


One night, two inspirations, and four creative Designers extended the idea to collaborate Chocolate, Art, Dance and Fashion into a one delightful event. September 21st marks a historical day, when Chocolate met Fashion to create a night of Artistic Indulgence. From the live Chocolate Carpet to the Catwalk, every single ornament was gushing with strong imagination and surrealistic frill throughout the night.

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Pushing the boundaries of reality in all forms; the event revealed an art gallery, curated by the renowned Sameera Raja of the Canvas Art Gallery. Paintings, live sculptures and art installations were the centre of attention for the attendees. The captivating edible chocolate art table became the perfect ethereal background for most of the photographers.

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While strolling through the Art Gallery, a live Human Wall act was put up for everyone to induce their minds to enter in a picturesque and serene dream; where there was Art, Dance, Fashion, Music and Surrealism. This dream-like performance started off with a dance act choreographed by Wahab Shah, performed by Joshindar Chaggar and group followed by the indulgently artistic and statement capsule collections from the master designers.


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Shamaeel Anasri’s collection was inspired by Laura Esquivel, which exhibited love and emotions. The feeling of a woman being in love, the reality in her imaginations or emotions were portrayed pre-possessingly. Zhalay Sarhadi, Areeba Habib, Sadaf Kanwal and Rabia Butt represented the emotions and condition of being in love as their own.


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Using unconventional items and inspiration to create his collection for Magnum, Ali Xeeshan’s imagination comprised of Goddesses of Pleasure. Shimmery and Dusky; Sunita Marshall, Hira Shah, Saba Sikander and super elegant Mawra Hoccane justified the ultimate pleasure. But, that was not it from his side, Ali proved to be a real Surrealist as he wore a hat with fake “Rooster” on.



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The dream looked never ending when Ali Zafar along with Sadaf Hamid performed a surreal and enchanting piece of act. It was like a fairy tale with a lot of passion and emotions.


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For Faraz Manan, Surrealism is rare, bizarre, emotional and dreamy. Inspiration taken from chocolate; his collection showed his love for caramel and melting chocolate. Cybil Choudhry, Aimal Khan, Sara Hirji and Tooba Siddiqui created a story of being royal and divine.



Taking a keen inspiration from Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli, Nilofer Shahid created her passion for pieces of past. Lust, desire, cannibalism and struggle of the soul was beautifully interpreted and acted by Nadia Hussain, Amna Malik, Fouzia Aman and Amna Ilyas.

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Never imagined that any dream could be this dark yet serene, surreal yet real, but Magnum made it possible and made our indulgence with such artistic thoughts a memorable one. During the event, it was evident that imaginations can be as caliginous as Nilofer Shahid’s, as emotional as Shamaeel’s, as wild and whacky as Ali Xeeshan’s and as subtle as Faraz Mannan’s.

The amalgamation of Chocolate and Surrealism brought out every individuals’ hidden desires, deepest and the darkest secrets in the form of art; which spoke about every individual. Magnum being a brand synonymous with indulgence, intrigue and pleasure has transcended itself by marking a history in the world of Fashion and Art.



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