Life changing beauty hacks every girls need to know!


Here at FHM Pakistan, we believe that makeup should enhance your beauty. Even though most of us have mastered the basics of makeup, there are some next-level hacks that can level-up your makeup game and will leave you asking yourself ‘how did I not know this?

We have rounded up the few best tips and tricks to add up to your make-up routine, that majority of make-up enthusiasts, makeup artists, and even models swear by. Whether you’re looking to get a more flawless silk-smooth skin or just want to change your makeup look, these are definitely the best make-up hacks that you just cannot miss!

Voluminous Lashes

Don’t wanna spend a fortune on a new mascara to get those thick, flawless, and luscious lashes? Well, no need to worry about that!

blankAll you need is a loose powder, a fresh mascara wand, and your old mascara! Just dip your mascara wand tip in loose powder and coat your lashes with it. Next, apply your mascara as you would. This will leave others in awe over your Bambi-like Lashes.

Say no to cakey foundation!

To achieve an incredible makeup application and to avoid that that unfortunate beauty blunder of having a dry looking skin, a great foundation isn’t the only key!


You have to first start by prepping your face with a serum or moisturizer of your choice and right when you are about to apply the foundation, just mix your foundation with equal parts of your favorite face lotion/serum/oil and a drop of your liquid highlighter and DAB DAB DAB using your foundation brush or a beauty blender. There you go, You have achieved the glass skin that you’ve always dreamed of!

The Perfect Blush!

Ran out of your favorite blush? No worries. You can now use your lipstick as your blush!

This hack works well for both, Liquid and cream lipsticks.


For liquid lipstick: On the back of your palm, mix a drop of your favorite lipstick with a very light highlighter, using a blush brush apply that on the apple of your cheeks and work your way up to the cheekbone. For a matte finish, replace highlighter with vaseline or a serum.

For Cream lipstick: Cream lipsticks make the best blush ever! You can use your pink bullet lipstick directly on your cheeks and blend is using the blush brush.

Bold eyes!

Quick eye makeup

Lipsticks don’t only make the perfect blushes but they also work great as an eyeshadow. You can use your dark-colored lipstick to create the crease and a more subtle and natural-looking color to fill the rest of your lid.


For a quick party, using your fingers or an eye brush, blend your burgundy or any other bold lip color over the eyelid, top it with a little bit of shimmer, and loads of mascara!


So are you ready to add these ride-or-die makeup hacks to your makeup regime and look more glam than ever just like we are?


Esha Naz

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