Makeup tips to get you through the summer heat with a flawless look


With the blazing heat and the scorching sun, it is important to know the right makeup to deal with the sweat. Here is a list of products you should definitely be using this summer in Karachi

  1. Moisturizer

The excess sweating causes the skin to be oily which causes the skin to also shed the natural oils. Also with the heat, the pores on your skin tend to remain open. So it is really important to moisturize.



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2. Sunscreen and UV rays protection

The most important step is to apply sunscreen as you want to protect your skin from the UV rays and sunburn – Makeup isn’t fun on sunburned skin! Also if possible you should reapply your sunscreen every 2 months


3. Invest in a Primer

Invest in a good primer it only takes a few seconds to apply but becomes a major protective barrier between your open prose and face makeup. It is worth the money as it saves you from the long term acne trouble.


4. Bronzer

It brings out your high cheek point giving the illusion of the perfect face shape. It makes the eye look brighter and your teeth whiter. Remember only the high points as every part of your face will make you look fake – unless you’re opting for a Kim Kardashian look.


5. Blend more; Apply less

Layering up on make will make you look cakey. Hence in summer lets follow the golden rule of less is more. The make-up artists suggest using a tinted moisturizer and BB creams.

6.Tinted blushes

Ditch the powder blushes and opt for the tinted blushes as they help you avoid the cakey look and go for a dewy fresh-look!


7. Setting Spray

The final step in getting the perfect look is to use the setting spray. It will help you seal the look and keep it all day long.


Summers are hard with the temperatures soaring. The makeup tends to melt like nothing! I hope these help you set the perfect makeup routine. Let me know if you find these tips helpful. May your makeup remain flawless in the heat!


Hawwa Fazal

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