Mansha Pasha talks about the duplicity of celebrities in Ramazan

Mansha Pasha talks about the duplicity of celebrities in Ramazan

Mansha Pasha came forward and talked about the hypocrisy of celebrities in Ramazan. She heard a friend say that “Ramzan is the best month to earn.” right before the holy month of Ramzan was approaching and she was disappointed but not shocked. She said that, “We live in a time where celebrities go from doing item numbers in one month to donning dupattas for Ramzan shows the other. There are hardly any surprises left.”

She was being approached to host a Ramazan show, she said, “I have gotten a lot of offers to be part of Ramzan shows and make guest appearances but I didn’t do them because I don’t agree with this ideology. There are so many question marks in this entire thing. Honestly, it seems as though Ramzan has nothing to do with religion anymore.”

“Ratings, game shows, free cars, and even airplanes are now part of the equation and people are becoming more and more materialistic with the passing of each day. Aamir Liaquat has ruined an entire generation of people by using nationalism and theology to mislead the masses,” she claimed.

“I also question the producers who continue to approach stars who are not in a position to be preaching religion to anyone. Goes to show that there is a chink in the armor,” she concluded.

People eventually know you because of your work. This is what Mansha Pasha has to say. “After a while, people start to recognize you for the kind of work you do and they start to develop certain expectations and when you live up to them, fans appreciate that from you,” she concluded, claiming that work always finds you if you’re meant to do it.

This surely makes sense. Pasha seems to be going smooth with her work which is good. We wish her best of lucky for her future.


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