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Mathira’s item song for Raasta reminds us of third class Indian movies

Sahir Lodhi’s directorial and acting debut “Raasta” has become talk of the town due to many reasons and believe me, not one of them is positive. About a month ago, the teaser of Raasta’s first song ‘Dil Fakir’ was released and we were pitying over our fate. And now, behold your breaths audience because Mathira’s item song for the movie is finally out.

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You must have watched this video and without any doubt your ears would probably still be ringing alongside eyes being dazzled with all that extra sparkle. Jokes apart, this item song is a big question mark on the culture we are trying to portray in our cinemas. On one hand we are trying to fight the artistic minds from across the border, while on the flip side we are extremely impressed by them and mimicking them on the full extent.

If not for Mathira, I could have easily believed that this indecent, evocative and shabby song is from third-class Bollywood movie. What made our producers and directors go so low just for a few views or clicks? Is this the way we are going to promote local content by being an exact rip-off of Bollywood? If yes, then we seriously don’t need these type of Pakistani movies! We can live and fare well without them too!

Mathira's item song for Raasta reminds us of third class Indian movies

As for Mathira, I don’t know why people thought that she might take a path to decency after marriage and kid. Whether it was her item song “Butter Jawani” in “Blind Love” or this song for Raasta, we have lost all our hopes for this lady.

Let’s just all pray that we, the so-called moral police who never leave a chance to call someone or something ethical or immoral, finally get some sense to distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong at the appropriate times. Otherwise, like always, we will be venting out our frustration at wrong places.

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