Mathira’s new TVC has crossed all levels of vulgarity

Mathira's new TVC has crossed all levels of vulgarity

The latest commercial of Josh featuring Mathira has sparked yet another controversy throughout the country, especially on the way it has portrayed the awareness of its product. There’s no doubt that such products should be advertised for awareness purposes but there’s always a certain way of delivering a message. But unfortunately, the advertisement just took it a way too far for consumers to digest and accept the bold content.

Such kinds of TVCs should be stopped from publicity by the censor board, as they have damaged not only the ethics but also codes of conduct of advertisement in Pakistan.

PEMRA should take an immediate action and ban such commercials right away; it has now become difficult to watch television and enjoy family time due to such content. It highly depicts immorality and disregards our socio-cultural and religious values.


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