Using changing rooms? Think Again!

Changing rooms have become quite of a dilemma in Pakistan. While some think it is totally safe to go and flaunt the soon-to-be purchased dress, others are still confused with this whole story of changing room cameras and hidden footage which surface on obscene websites. However, just when we thought that we have discovered ways to gauge if the changing den has been rigged with a camera or not, these thugs and hooligans have found a new way to record by fooling women.

Using changing rooms? Think Again!

While what may seem to you like an ordinary “screw” in appearance, is actually a screw carrying a camera inside it. The pictures have just surfaced throughout the social media, with people hinting to different evidences of these camera being hidden in the screws of different shop’s changing rooms.

This is alarming, eye-opening and derogatory at once! This is definitely something below the line and extremely unacceptable for this society as whole. How can people stoop so low that people won’t even feel safe while shopping. So, we have to entirely cross the option of ever trying out clothes and using changing rooms again.

You never know who might be watching you, and what might happen if there is really a camera inside those screws. You can never be too precautious. So, it’s better late than never!


FHM Pakistan

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