These models are asking for ‘Rape’. This is the most provocative fashion show ever!

These models are asking for 'Rape'. This is the most provocative fashion show ever!

We are heading somewhere very mundane and extremely deep with the ‘Rape Culture’. No matter how progressive this world has become, every time this heinous incident happens, a woman has to be blamed for it. Because obviously, she called for it! She was wearing too revealing clothes – HER FAULT. She was talking too frankly – HER FAULT. She used to spend hours out of home – HER FAULT. She had too many male friends – HER FAULT.  Now these models, who are already objectified for their beauty, have come out with an extremely ‘Provocative Fashion Show’ ever, which means they are definitely calling for sexual assault.

Seen the video? Understood the plight of women? These models aren’t just any models, but the actual rape victim and survivors. And, ‘Guilty Collection’ isn’t just any collection, but the clothing range of all the ladies present in the video, who walked as the models, at the time when they were raped.

Were these clothes calling out for rape? Were these the most provocative clothes you have ever seen? They were definitely shouting “COME, RAPE ME”. Right? WRONG!

You are extremely wrong to think that it is a woman, who with her ways call out to be abused and harassed. If this video and the stories descried didn’t open your mind, then I don’t know what will. Stop talking and start doing. Change your mindset and you will see the visible change in society. It is not the clothes, but the filthy minds of the people who rape. No matter what clothes we wear, a dirty mind can never be stopped!

So let’s encourage the idea of giving women the freedom to wear what they want, without labelling them as sluts or vulgar. Change your mind and hungry eyes, and then see how this society can progress!


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