Mcdonald’s has spiced up Lahore and our taste-buds simply can’t resist!

McDonald’s is known for its fresh tasty and yumilicious burgers, but what’s more is there way of delivering that taste through their out-of-the-box brand advertising.

This time around, the fast food chain has outdone itself once again with its recently executed OOH activations thus innovative and definitely the new talk of the town! With the launch of McDonald’s Grand Chicken Spicy and McFlurry Snickers, our mouths have been watering like never before.

Having that view of fiery billboards, flaming up at night – I mean nothing could look anymore marvelous making that grand spicy burger look ever so tantalizing and huge in size!

Definitely giving that feel of “Spice aur Size jo Aaglaga de!”

But hold on a second, we’re so not done yet…who could forget those one-of-a-kind McFlurry Snickers depicted right at the heart of Lahore – Gulberg – showing weather controlled dynamic streamers, automatically showing temperature change of the city.

Did McDonald’s just raise the bar of brand advertising and communication? YES, it has! Giving that exact feel of having McFlurry Snickers in this monsoon weather, Lahoris have definitely come under a treat with McDonald’s yumilicious brand activation.