Is it all about Social Media Followers?


Being popular is more important than being talented, for some brands. A person having more followers, highest number of likes is given much more significance than a person who knows how to do their job. There was a time when brands used to cast people according to their skills, not according to the level of popularity they had on social media.

The more the followers, the better connectivity between the accounts and people, making it the next big thing. Mostly the fans like to get connected with their celebrity crushes and high brands/businesses are more likely to cash the opportunity of trending and gaining popularity too.

Whatsoever, there is nothing special in this. Followers, likes and comments mean nothing and are of no use in the long run, there must be realistic expectations in order to succeed. Many people have the highest number of followers but they have very little or absolute no talent and vice versa.

It is high time that brands and other big companies start accepting the reality. There is so much more to life than being on social media. Talent, skills, education must not be wasted and should be valued before it is too late.


FHM Pakistan

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