Meera is finally all set to tie the knot with Captain Naveed

After all that time Meera has been under a lime light by being a huge part of controversies, once again she is soon to be tying the knot with captain Naveed.

According to the latest reports, the actor will soon be making things official with the much talked about Captain Naveed in an elaborate ceremony scheduled to be held in Lahore next month.

The Pakistani star said she wanted to keep the details of her personal life private as every time she has spoken of “marriage,” the media caused her anguish with their “nazar” and gave rise to countless amounts of hurdles her way which is probably the reason why she has not been able to get married yet.

However, according to sources; Meera has only signed a nikkah with Naveed in the US about two years ago and now, the families are simply hosting the receptions.

Interestingly, Meera has previously denied reports of being married. Now, we don’t know if it is another way of being in the limelight or what, but one thing is sure that our beloved attention seeker ‘Meera Jee’ loves to be in the news.

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