Meera Jee calls PM Nawaz Shareef a “Qasai”

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Of Courseeee!

Looks like the only celebrity who is mourning about power outage is Meera Jee. She is continuously tweeting about loadshedding and power failure and is blaming the current government for their lack of responsibility.

Our corrupt politicians are enjoying their lives in AC 24/7 and we are dying in this heat. Last time she tweeted which made headlines all over the internet and was criticized by few of the leading websites, she even expressed her feelings about that as well:


She has been raising her voice against this issue quite a while now and people are supporting her as well. Check out few of her tweets:


Recently, she tweeted again attentioning Maryam Nawaz as “Baji” and calling PM Nawaz Shareef a “Butcher”, this is hilarious but we can’t deny that what she said was so on point and we must appreciate her for this step because that’s how democracy works. Check out her latest tweet:


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